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I am so awful with money and this proves it, making a plan right now to do no spend March! If I meet my saving goal to buy my Tangkou Doll during March I will make that purchase and if I visit with my bestie who just got into artsy things and we go to target I will give myself up to 10$ but only once and only if I’ve stuck with it!! So those are my two exceptions and they are only if I am good. Making boxes to check off for when I’m good for the month in my filo :3 good luck to me and the rest of us doing #nospendMarch !! Oh and this haul is a Stego to make into a succulent planter, tissue paper to make a banner, PL cards, a washi tape I could not resist, two big stamps for 2$ to make my hand cut PL cards more awesome, stickers to share with my bestie, a green Kickstart to start my no spend March off with hehe, and target page flags (couldn’t find those orange and blue beauties :c Anyone want to trade?) #crafts #crafting #craftlife #filofax #PL #stamps #stickers #kickstart #woooo

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